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Two Close Together

Well well well the joy of having a baby 👶🏽, the sweet  little faces, the slow motion grasps, the soft and mellow voice of their cry, the smooth skin with the softest touch. How wonderful does it all sound … imagine having that again how beautiful would that be 💭.

Women often get baby fever after having their very first baby, (I had it and many have expressed to have had it). Women begins to think maybe I’m ready for another one or simply in love with the idea of being pregnant and treated like a queen. Well things don’t go exactly that way with the second pregnancy, I mean it might, which would be great but it didn’t go that way for me I had a rather difficult time overall when pregnant with my second child, loads of aches and pains from very early and didn’t get much support. Besides that it still is very hard because you already have a little one who needs a lot of the attention.

Back to the topic having two close together is really a handful, it takes a lot of patience, a lot of energy and let’s not forget the financial side of these thing, if we look at it logically, overall your attention has to be divided into two, the ratios is probably 1:2, they younger one would need a lot more of your attention or probably just get a lot of your attention. It starts of great the baby sleeps majority of the time so you get to do this, that and the other. However as they grow they need a lot of comforting, and they begin to sleep less. Even though by now you probably are an expert at understanding them and would not panic over the cries (I promise you wont give into it so easy) you would still have to give them a lot of attention. The mess in your house will double if not triple (lets not forget daddy’s contributions to the mess) and me time will be once they are sleeping for the night, that is if you have the energy. It is very hectic but you eventually find your way around it and kind of get a routine, which is good however it will be a very busy one.

The other side of the story is as siblings they develop a better bond when they are quite close rather than when the age gap is 3-4 years or more. A lot of mothers have expressed that the older child finds it’s hard adjusting to a newborn in the house. I’ve heard cases of trying to hurt the baby and the older one falling ill and a lot more. My two daughters being 18 months apart the older one was only a year and six months when the baby came home so she didn’t really bother so much with the baby and now although the they fight over toys they get on so well and play together, it’s cute.

Once you build a routine and start to underhand both their needs you tend to find a way to do things to work around both of them.I’ve built a routine even though it changes very often I try to keep their nap time together for me to have a boost nap or just catch up with chores and so. It’s really hard, very hard and expensive (nursery fees). But otherwise I think it works well and I only imagine things getting better as they grow and build their independence and understanding.

Its a very hard job which can sometimes make you feel quite teary to be honest,  and I think you become less patient with people around you, but at the same time you wouldn’t imagine it any other way.


Things I do

    • I take the baby in the bath with me to sit on the bouncer (I take them both) it’s not the most relaxing time but hay. They really enjoy playing with the loo rolls and 💦 water.
    • In the beginning I would cook first thing in the morning because as the day goes it gets more hectic, or I would prepare soups and freeze them for the toddler. Now I cook whenever as they play and are quite independent. Sometimes I prepare foods for the children at night and just store it in the fridge.
    • I spread out toys in the living room this keeps them really busy, they keep moving from one toy to another sometimes fight but it’s normal the older one always gets in trouble for not sharing.
    • Nap time and bed times (they are a nightmare) I tend to play calming sleep music and lay down with them, they play for a good while before they fall asleep. Sometimes it’s impossible so I take them back out to play and bring them back in half an hour or so.
    •  I try to keep on top of your laundry, as it piles up really quickly. I wash dry and fold them daily at night and pack away it works best for me, sometimes when I let two batches of washed clothes sit around it turns into a big load.
    • I disinfect and sanitise things as often as I can. I mop every evenings with Detol sometimes skip on the weekdays as we’re always out .
    • I plan things ahead and try to take them out as often as you can, I often take my daughters to snakes and ladders, parks and to the lovely Nanis house, its great fun and they are tired by the time they get home they have tea/dinner and go to bed.

  • Bath times?! I bring them both in and fill the tub 🛀 with some water, toys and loads of bubbles. They have a lot of fun whilst I sit on the toilet and watch them (just sitting as there’s no where else to sit in the bathroom)
  • Getting them dressed and out the house took time to become a pro but I got there eventually, but I dress the baby first and then Jahasia. As they grow they get very figgity so I tend to give my phone to distract them or a toy. Me getting dressed is pretty much trousers 👖 top, shoes and a bag.
  • Baby bag is always pre prepared with spare cloths nappies and wipes.I don’t carry bottles of milk or pacifiers and this is because then they get a habit of drinking milk all the time. Nara is a year and 4 months now she only gets her dummy to fall asleep and does not see it thoughtout the day and she will nap at nursery without a problem.
  • Milk is consumed excessively so I store some uht milk just in case I run out throughout the night.
  • Going out on public transport can be very difficult at times because they get restless, I oftern go out with my aunty or mother when I take them out even then we still can’t handle them. I think they enjoy the bus better than the car 🚗.
  • I carry loads of healthy snacks, finger foods and a water bottle with me when I go out. 

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