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Stretchy Stretchmarks

Stretchmarks! We are learning to embrace them a lot more however lets be honest, the ones we gain through pregnancy are not embraced as much as ones which show up slightly due to changes and growing up. I luckily (thankfully) did not pick up so many stretchmarks which is slightly weird because my mother, maternal and paternal grandmothers all had stretchmarks, So when I was pregnant I was fully expecting them however I was really hoping they wouldn’t come. I then got to know I did not get so many stretche marks and I want to share what I did to contribute to this.


Here is what I am left with…


Here is picture of my stretch marks now, I’ve tried to  dim the lighting its more visible, (apologies for the poor quality image). I only gained a few around my belly button which are beginning to disappear and very few on sides which only appear if I stretch the skin you have to look very closely to see them.

So what’s the trick?

Well there is no trick, I ate heathy when I was pregnant, I craved milk and cookies 🍪 so I was binging on the milk. Since we are dealing with the skin it’s important to eat things which help the elasticity of the skin so foods such as eggs, nuts, milk, fish (salmon, marcel and sardines) These are great sources of fatty acids and vitamin B which is what the skin needs.I consumed these foods the most alongside with pregnancy supplements by pregnacare containing omega 3. I used the sample stretch mark cream Mum and Me by Cussons which I received in the bounty pack. It smelt great and it was so thick and lush felt really good on the skin just never got around to buying an actual tub, but from experience and word of mouth a tick cream like Dove or Nivea really moisturises the skin and constant application of these during pregnancy helps a lot. I also used a lot of coconut oil it’s miraculous I promise. Since I’m no longer pregnant I use castor oil when bothered which works great.

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