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Snack Rage

My two daughters are always looking to eat always, they really enjoy snacks which can be quite a struggle because sometimes you tend to run out of ideas on what to give to them. I try to explore all different things to keep them excited however here are my favourite snacks I give exesivly.



Fruits and vegetables are great snacks, the ideal ones are usually carrots, cucumbers, colourful peppers, par cooked broccoli, tomatoes (a fruit ;-)) and celery. You want to try buy organic if your going to offer the vegetables raw it’s a lot more healthier has less pesticides and so on. These are so great and refreshing, cut them and serve it with hummus  they love the idea of dipping the vegetables and it’s very healthy.



Breads and pitas are also great there is a huge variety of breads you can buy brown, white, bagels brioche it’s all great. I tend to toast it at times then cut into shapes spread butter a little bit of jam or marmalade as a treat. Sometimes serve it with cheese or make sticks and serve it with runny eggs. It also goes well with soups, toddlers love soggy flavoured bread so dip it in the soup or dissolve it in the soup. Chapattis (Indian flatbreads) are also very healthy with some cheese or just pain.



Eggs are wonderful my daughters enjoy the egg whites and tend to leave the yolks for me. So I tend to soft boil eggs and let them dip the bread sticks. They are very nutritious and can be made in so many ways, check out 5 ways to cook eggs for little ones. Try to but free range and make sure they are stamped with The Red Lion as it means they are treated and pasturized.



Avacados they have a very short time of being loved by babies as they grow out of it very fast and might consider eating it if you hide it in their food when they are abit older. Avacados are the ultimate food for survival in reality so I mean you can imagine of  all the goodness in them. I gave both my daughters avocado mashed with mangos you can use any sweet fruit or simply plain. They both enjoyed it as 9 months old babies coming on to a year, now they can’t seem to understand what avacados are.



Yogurt is a great treat, you can give it plain with some fruits or just the small pots of munch bunch or     petit filous, I do think they can be a little too sweet and sugary so try to avoid them and mix natural or Greek yogurt with fruits. It’s a great source of protein and calcium.



Hummus is great I never really considered it until I got to know that Jahasiazel enjoyed hummus at nursery. I tend to give hummus with anything and everything that can do a little dipping for example bread sticks, pitta, naan, tortillas chips and vegetables. It is far better than giving ketchup or other sauces.



Cheeses again always great. I tend to make a platter with small cuts of cheeses and vegetables and breads with a dip. It gives them such a variety they help themselves to a little bit of everything which is great. I tend to only give mild hard cheeses and pasteurised cheeses. It’s a great small snack on the go.



Bananas are very good however avoid them just before and after tea, this is due to its high content of glucose it can boost so much energy in little bodies. They are very loved by toddlers and babies, however bare in mind some babies can suffer constipation from eating bananas. They also tend to be very filling.



Now my little ones would go crazy for a sweet treat like ice cream, I I tend to make popsicals using yogurt and fruits  and drizzle a slight amount of dark chocolate on top and sprinkle with some sprinkles. Honestly it does the trick they love it. It’s heathy great for summer and you know what you put in them. Sometimes you can make juices and add a bit of unflavoured gelatine and freeze it. I’ll share some of my recepies a little later.

Be aware of the chocking hazards, do not leave babies/toddlers to eat unattended.

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