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One for the Mums

I thought of putting this together to see if anyone can relate to me, I’m sure some of you can but here we are the 10 things pregnancy causes us wonderful mothers to be, to do. There are a lot more but these ones I think are very common, in fact my partner laughed at each and every single one of them, I’m assuming he witnessed me doing these.

1.Calculating how many weeks pregnant you are

This is done weekly sometimes a lot more often, you count how far you are every time you get a chance and calculate how long you have left. The countdown is real.I was on track of how far I am so accurately.

2.Check baby development

Every week we tend to check how our baby is looking how much has it developed and milestone will it reach each and every week. Sometimes we get carried away and check months ahead. I would check with such excitement (omg the baby is getting big it has legs and feet and arms).

3.Sign up to amazon prime and shop excessively

I did this, please don’t say it was just me. The excitement is unreal I wanted things delivered the next day and I thought what if I need things on demand when I have the baby so Amazon prime it was, they sold it or they sell it in other words.

4.Google is your best friend

Google is morning sickness normal? Google when will I stop being so tired? Google what does child birth feel like? and google is the doctor going to “tickle the baby’s head?  Google becomes your best friend you ask google everything, I did I googled everything what to eat, what not to, when, how and who, Google always has the answer.

5.Use pregnancy as an excuse

I mean why not it works, we all do it, to some extent it’s reasonable.anything you don’t want to do you tend to say your pregnant so you can’t do it. Take time of work, stay in bed longer and eat excessively.

6.Watch yourself in the mirror and judge how big your bump has got

You feel the need to check and measure your bumb so very often and also push your belly out to see how cool you’ll be looking in a few months with a big belly. This is the only time us females don’t want those flat abs and cannot wait for the big bump.

7. Forever exhausted

The tiredness is not a lie and it begins very very early. I have always been exhausted during the first trimester to a degree where I can just about keep myself up. Pregnancy causes extreme tiredness, so this is one of  those things I’m sure a lot of mothers can relate to. When a Pregnant woman tells you shes tired she most probably really is, especially if she has iron deficiency.

8.The need to buy everything even things you don’t need

Yes! Yes! and Yes! first time pregnancies tend to make you feel the need to buy and have everything, changing table, high chair, bouncer, swings, a cot, a convertible pram the list goes on. I brought all these things and many other unnecessary when I was pregnant with my first baby.  The maternity appointments and bounty books work extremely well in enticing you to buy everything.I mean I overstocked size 1 nappies to find out the baby didn’t even wear them for a month.

9.Try to eat healthy but would happily eat unhealthy

Well since we all want great things for our little seed inside we tend to try eat as healthy as we can, but the drive past McDonald or Krispy krem changes our morals for a slight second.It happened to me all the time, I would eat my porridge, eggs, greens, milk and so on however as soon as I came across McDonald, I would insist to have some and use the craving as an excuse.

10.Use craving an excuse

Well, I’m craving so I must have it! all you ever have to say is I am craving it and your partner will go out running, stamping his feet in frustration (sometimes) and bring you what you want to eat. I mean its great, it worked every time for me, and from the conversations I have had and its a common thing we females do crave everything and anything we want and feel like eating.


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