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Hi, welcome to the Toddler Development Blog. Parenthood is such an amazing yet tiring experience, we learn new things, we change, we become busier than we’ve ever been, sleep hmm… well that is another story and Google becomes our best friend because we can’t get in touch with the professionals we want to as quickly enough, therefore, we try to find out if we are the only ones going through the crisis of fevers, teething, and constant moaning, let’s not forget the abnormal poos!. Putting all that aside as parents, we never stop learning and forever stay just as curious as our children.its a case of either not knowing enough or taking on board different suggestions from health professionals, families and friends.

You’ll find that my blog is full of “and’s” this because my life is full of it, it’s one thing and another, nothing is ever complete. Besides all the drama we get in the process of learning and bring up our bundles of joy there is this amazing feeling reassuring us that the sleepless nights and all these changes are worth it, as long as they are healthy and happy, our priority as parents.

I will post and share my experiences of motherhood in other words parenthood. I hope you enjoy flicking through and reading some of my experiences and taking some new things which you may want to implement onto your parenting life or simply just read to know you probably aren’t the only parent going through a particular milestone or phase. Ps apologies in advance I’m far from a writer in general. 🙂

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