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Dictating Dummies

I was one of those mothers who said no I will not give my babies a dummy, but hey lets all laugh to that. I gave to my first one and eventually gave it to my second daughter too, at three months as I had gone out quite far for work which meant leaving her with family and she was a very attached baby didn’t like the bottle or the dummy but eventually started taking it, which meant she let her aunty sleep at night, a little at least. I’ve had to deal with my daughters attachment to the dummy many times and thought taking it away would be the worse challenge ever.

Dummies aren’t great, they are easy to give and hard to take away. However, I mean it doesn’t make us bad parents if we do decide to give or children a pacifier, it’s a great comforter if they do take it. I’ve heard things like giving babies dummmies is   considered to be “lazy parenting”… well not necessarily true, I don’t believe I’m a lazy parent at all and I have given both my daughters dummies. A dummy has its disadvantages as it can affect the speech and can sometimes delay them from speaking aswell. In some cases if the speech continues being a challenge, doctors make referrals to speech therapists. Dummies also make babies more prone to oral thrush, it picks up all sorts of germs and goes right in their mouth, then you have to treat it and so on and lastly they don’t look so cute as the child grows.

My experience taking the dummies away.

Taking it away from the eldest one wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be or as people made it out, which was great, the reason why I think is because I would only give them the dummy at bed time, when unwell or long car journeys when they begin to unsettle, and even at bed time I would take it away once she or both of them fell asleep. There were still times when they Jahasiazel in particular would go crazy and fthrow tantrum for the beloved dummy. Jahasiazel came of the dummy at around 2 and a half (30 months). Jahnara is a year and 4 months she gets her dummy at bed time only and sometimes falls asleep without her dummy.


My Tips:

  • Only give a dummy at bed time or when unsettled
  • Take the dummy off as soon as they fall asleep
  • Hide the dummy throughout the day
  • Give babies an orthodontics dummy (it’s good for the teeth)
  • keep them busy with finger foods like cucumber, maize puffs or apples (be aware of the choking hazards)
  • Regularly replace the dummy for hygiene and safety purposes.
  • if you pre-prepare this way I don’t believe you will need to use the “cold turkey” technique or “make it taste bad” technique. They are far to smart.


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