Key Development Areas 0-4 year Old







There are four common development areas I believe should be focused on in terms of babies and toddler developmen the cognitive, the motor skills and social, emotional and physical development, howeverthere are many which underpin these such as problem solving,approach to learning and well being.

These are the 4 areas I tend to focus on and work around, so when I consider buying toys or when playing with them I think about these four areas of development and how I can promote it with a fun approach. Check out the 10 activities which we commonly partake in and each one of them contributes to these developments.

  • Cognitive Development
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Fine and Gross
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical development

A little brief descriptions of these are below:

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is all based on the ability to process information, the language, understanding complex things and intelligence it simply means the development of the brain, as time goes on and they are in their teens or childhood cognitive development is assessed by carrying out IQ tests  which asses the mental age. Cognitive development is extremely important for us as parents to promotes and contribute to , but every child is different and I don’t really stand for the ins and outs of the cognitive development researches as I feel it’s not as broad as we are. Babies Learn things when they are ready which is perfect 👌🏽 there is no need for concern if  they reach a milestone a little later than another baby. As parents we want to stimulate these developments.I do only stand for promoting the development but not to an enforcing degree. Play is the best way to encourage toddlers cognitive development as well as all other developments.

Motor Skills Development

Motor skills consist of fine and gross. This is the development that focuses on muscular movements, so this is when the brain,the nervous system and muscles work together to generate movement as a team!. Gross motor skills, these are things like turning and sitting any movements which consist of using the bigger muscles like the arms, legs, feet or head movement. So the fine motor skills are when they can use their smaller muscles like their fingers, lips and tongue,this is where they are able to pick smaller objects and even very fine things like a strand of hair.

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development is based on expressing feelings and emotions. As babies they begin to share these unknowingly and as time goes they learn to distinguish what emotions to use. Things like attachment, crying and laughing all falls under their social and emotional development. This area of development is extremely vital in the process of developing and growing, it’s what allows people to understand how they feel.

Physical Development

The physical development is quite similar to gross motor skills, this is where they develop their movements and build their strengths. Things like tummy time and massages are things which help the physical development.