Our children’s development is important at all stages in life, even when they are probably in their thirties, however,  I will come to that when I experience it with my two. I carried out a lot of research since I’m so keen on understanding my children, and what I came to learn is that the first three to four years from when they came on to the planet, are the most important years. They reach different milestones, which I believe is extremely fascinating. As parents, we hold the key responsibility to ensure that we contribute to these developments and encourage them and most importantly give our children the best start.

We have access to excessive amounts of information online now and great access to other sources which help us understand development a lot better, what to expect and what not to (but don’t take it all word for word, children reach milestones at different stages and develop develop differently). I personally find amazing, it has everything you want to know, its the only reliable source in my books after, they share some great opinions and some valuable information, even pictures of what baby poo looks like, lol… its great!

Regardless of how busy you are as a parent,  whether you’re too busy cleaning or on the phone or going crazy, the little ones are picking these ways and skills up, they are inspired by watching you cook, clean or go crazy (not so much on the go crazy, however). My two year old soaks a lot up like a little sponge and when she’s ready she throws all these things I don’t even recall showing her.

Back to the point, we need to spend time with them and invest in the things which are good for them as we all know.