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Choosing The Right Nursery

Hmm… choosing the right nursery hmm again. We are instantly unsure of😐 the whole idea, especially for babies and toddlers. A lot of mothers I’ve spoken to expressed the distresses and concerns of how their child will be treated at a nursery.

November last year I had to make arrangements for a nursery for my two daughters and I only ever visited one in a rush, I called them up insisted to come in on the same day, which they agreed to introduce me to the nursery if I could get there in 15 minutes, which I did.  I was extremely pleased with them I said YES! daddy was also very pleased and I managed to also talk him into it (as always). Honestly we didn’t regret it at all. My youngest was only 6 months and the oldest was 21 months. They loved it and we as parents loved it too. The food was great cooked daily brought from a provider rather than supermarkets, allergies were taken into account to a whole new level, there was some learning to it , loads of music, reading exploring, disinfecting toys twice daily, safety procedures, medication procedures all greatly in place I can go on and on…they did really well to encourage a child’s developments such potty training, speech and so on they were amazing. My babies never came back with a nappy rash, as parents, we were so informed on what they did how much they ate what they ate and so on. Ps they were an outstanding nursery.

Then recently we tried to bring them closer to home suggesting this nursery was in Fulham it was such a journey for them in the morning and the fees well that’s a different story.

Nurseries we visited recently were nowhere on the scale in comparison to the nursery in Fulham. Some weren’t informative enough, some of them the teachers were an absolute disappointment, some didn’t have great safety measures, some have Pepa pig time (big no no). I don’t see no procedures in place and young people with the NVQ in childcare working there I can go on and on. Touching on the point regarding the NVQ level 1,2 and 3 it’s great but they don’t have the life experience which they can implement to the nursery experience they provide to children and you can tell a lot of the times.The current nursery they go to really sold it. seemed quite safe and secure and open spaced however not as great but the girls have opened up to it but I haven’t and I and daddy are considering sending them back to Fulham again.

Just to assure you, all nurseries have to be ofsted registered which means they are regulated and very closely monitored for compliance and safety. They all will meet the basic standards however not all will exceed.

So things to look out for…


make sure there are procedures in place for medication, incidents, allergies, safeguarding, and safety, these are the most important, All nurseries tend to have them, however, make sure they let you know that they have these in place.

Observe the workers

Observe the workers at all times, these are the people who will be around your children and people you will have to liaise most importantly will influence your child, so observe them. You want them to say hi to you when you’re visiting.

Food / hygiene

Food is key, ask who their food suppliers are and find out whether the meals are cooked on sight or are they using tinned meatballs 😷(believe me I’ve seen it in the past) and packaged food. Find out what snacks they give to children and what times. You want things like fruits and vegetables and bread for snacks not biscuits. Ensure that there is some hugeine procedures in place as children share toys and germs very easily.

Learning implementation

Make sure that the nursery implements some form of learning Into the children’s playtime, Simple things like brushing your teeth, numbers, and alphabets. you also want them to set up different activities every day to encourage them to explore.

Staying Informed

as when children go to the nursery and you go work and they are so young, you don’t want to miss anything at all. You want to know what they eat, when they eat, how many nappies are soiled and how many are wet, what they slept and how long for and lastly what they did. you also want to know who their key worker is and when is the yearly meeting.make sure they re-assure you that you will stay informed, or you can call 10 times and they will be happy to keep you updated.

Ofsted Rating

Check their recent Ofsted report online you want something good or outstanding, nothing less. when you read the report it will give loads of details on what they are doing well and what not.


Routine is great for babies and toddlers, so find out about the routine in place by the nursery, for example, nap time is after lunch and tea are after 3 for example.

Reduced use of technology

make sure that there is reduced use of technology, you don’t want a nursery which allows the children to watch cartoons and play games on computers.minimal technology use is great, music and radio great.


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