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Well… this topic had to be touched on. We always hear “breast is best” from health visitors, midwives and so on..

I mean really I’m forever curious about this theory of breast being best. I do personally share this opinion too (not to a pushy degree) and encourage people to breastfeed as much as possible, I mean whats better than your own milk?!. I only think it makes perfect sense to breastfeed plus saves you from the sterilising 2-3 times a day. I must say I do not like the midwife and health visitors approach when promoting breastfeeding, I mean they can really make you feel in a way. Even a little guilty for not breastfeeding.






I struggled with breastfeeding especially in the beginning with both of my daughters. It was a tearful journey, in the beginning, my nipples were sore cracked and swollen, let’s not forget the bleeding. This went on for a good few weeks I was often feeding in tears, the breasts would hurt and contractions would also kick in whilst feeding. Then a few weeks in I became a pro. My eldest begun refusing the breast at 2 months and I tried everything but she just didn’t want her face on my breast so I bought a Philip electric breast pump and pumped out about 6-8 times a day to feed her and keep the flow, she was a very hungry baby so I had to combine feed her sometimes, for some reason she accepted the breast for her night feeds which was really good made me really happy 😊  (awwh just thinking of her 💭  and how big she’s got). She emptied my breasts at night and woke up at least 4 times for a feed it was throughout the day she wanted no part of it. I visited midwives, attended breastfeeding classes, had specialists come home none of it worked so I tried working around it with mix feeding. With Nara the second one, she loved the breast, that’s all she wanted all the time, refused the bottle then re-introduced a bottle at two months as I had to travel for work, after eventually taking the small disposable Aptamil bottles (had to pour the aptamil out and put breast milk in), she insisted she gets breastmilk in the bottle anything else she would refuse. So they were two very difficult weeks, then we reunited after two weeks and she continued enjoying her feeds.

Breast milk contains great things like antibodies, it is easily digested, good for their immunity and its designed and tailored to a baby’s needs it’s perfect for them. Apparently, It can help babies fight ear infections and colds and so on. Formula is also great👍🏻 so if you formula feed there is nothing wrong with that (formula does make some babies constipated), I have also given them formulas when it was inconvenient, I did, however, want to exclusively breastfeed for a year at least with both of them, but 6 and 9 months is good.



My tips

  • Don’t breast feed because you feel that your being pressured, it makes motherhood very hard. So if you feel that it’s not for you don’t give into it. If your stressed out it affects the bonding and relation with the baby.
  • In the Begining of your breasts feel uncomfortable 😣 be topless as oftern as you can be. I spent a good month topless indoors ofcourse.
  • Drink loads of water when you are breastfeeding.
  • DON’T ever let the breasts stay full it might cause mastistis and I promise that feels the worst. Second of all it will contribute to the stretch marks on the breast.
  • The best thing to do is pre-prepared for breastfeeding, using Lansinoh HPA Lanolin before having the baby as well as throughout.
  • Seek Profesional advise, do your reaserch before your due to have the baby.
  • Make sure the baby latches on well this means the nipple is quite far in the mouth.
  • Don’t give up you and the baby are both learning it’s just as hard for the baby as it is for you. Sore nipple doesn’t always indicate a poor latch, especially during its early stages.
  • If you can’t breastfeed, pump the milk out as often as you can, some breast milk is better than no breast milk at all.
  • Breastfeed for at least 6 months if you can.
  • Avoid the dummy it does confuse them a little (personal experience)
  • Do what is best for you and your baby, only you would know.

Share your experiences below…

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