10 Great Activities

Outdoor Explore

Outdoor explore is amazing for them. It allows them to explore nature and contribute towards their curiosity, their sensory development and physical. There are so many different textures, colors and smells to explore. It’s also a great space which allows them to move freely and adapt to different types of weather. Play with your toddlers even if it’s just interacting with them.


¬† Books are great for kids, in fact amazing. It contributes to their speech development and their creative skills. Simple books are great little ones because they can’t focus for too long and want to usually see the next page before you finish the first. Read books using different voices for different characters and point out little things on the books as well making sounds, they love it.

Peek a boo

Peek-a-boo, I see you ūüĎÄ!. This is great for little from as early as 3 months. First of all, they love peekaboo even as they get older, I mean I still like peekaboo. Peekaboo is a great for stimulating their senses, developing their motor skills, social skills and eye coordination. Peekaboo everywhere, nappie changing time, play time bath time when they are upset. It never gets old.


¬† ¬† Drawing and coloring are great as well. It helps them develop their motor skills, creativity, critical thinking and problems solving skills. They learn so much when drawing and coloring in, it’s unbelievable. Give your toddlers loads of colors and a piece of paper. You can always sit with them and hand colors overs and say the name of the color as repetitions is a great¬†method of learning passively.

Stacking Toys

Stacking toys is great again, it’s great for motor skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and imaginative play. Give them some stacking cups or bricks¬†and let them put it up and break it, don’t worry about the bricks not being stacked correctly as the aim is for them to figure out how to stack them in order. This is great for babies and toddlers cognitive¬†development.


Painting in other words messy play, it’s great again but it’s messy. I usually put down newspaper and put a painting apron on them and let them play on the floor with the paint, however, make sure you are there with them as the paint may end up looking tasty especially¬†to 1-year-olds. Messy play again has the same effects of drawing and coloring in, however, it’s like running the extra mile as a parent.


Legos are one of the best investments you will make ( be careful the small bricks can be a choking hazard). Again great for cognitive development, fine motor skills, critical thinking, problem-solving you name it. it has all great factors a child needs from a toy I guess.Forget the cool bike, get some Legos! They cost no more than £20.00


Whats a better way to express yourself?,¬†Dancing of course! Dancing is great for children, they look cute doing it and it’s really fun, tires them out most importantly (on days they are full of energy around bed time) also helps their physical development.Play a nursery rhyme or a kid friendly song, for example, Bob Marley songs and the odd Michael Jackson, anything that does not contain explicit and unnecessary hyper-reality lyrics that we find on TV nowadays.

Nursery Rymes

I couldn’t find a ligament image so here are some stars (twinkle twinkle).Nursery rhymes are great for children’s speech development and also contributes to their vocabulary. Basic nursery rhymes like 5 little ducks and twinkle twinkle are perfect. It is¬†like reading a book and dancing at the same time… Imagine that? Check our Top 10 Nursery Rhymes.

Play with them

Lastly, this isn’t an activity for them it’s for you as a parent. Play with them even if it is for 10 minutes it makes a huge impact on them, it allows them to build a great bond with you as the parent. Get on your knees come on the same level as them and do any of the activities mentioned above or other activities, it stimulates all senses.

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