About Us

Me, Nara, Daddy and Jahasia

My name is Jignisha, I am a mother to two girls a one-year-old and a two-year-old (there we are in the picture), they have such great energy, love food and enjoy exploring anything and everything out of the ordinary and ofcourse love being troubled toddlers. So I felt that we often overlook our children’s development especially at its crucial stages which fall in between 12 months to around 36 months (this is my personal opinion from some personal research and experiences), this is the period where we are still trying to understand them, trying to understand the whole parenting idea and they are probably going through similar situations where they’re trying to understand the world. It’s all overwhelming, great but overwhelming!

What I want to bring to you is my experiences and my understanding of making conscious decisions regarding their development and choices which impact them. I also want to share my knowledge of children’s cognitive development and anything and everything that I think is great and not so great for babies, toddlers and young children.

I am an extremely busy mother, like most of you probably are. I have to fit work, house chores, studies and me time around my two daughters, which is hectic but ayy it has to be done.

My weekdays start off with waking up at 6:00 getting ready, cleaning up and getting the two up at 7 and getting them ready which can take ages as they wake up cranky at times and tend to run around when I try to dress them, then bring them to nursery for 8, get to work at 9, finish at 17:30-18:00.”Superdaddy” picks them up at 18:00, I get home around 18:30 -19:00  most of the time they’re in bed, sometimes I get home just in time for bath time or story time. This routine follows throughout the week however on Fridays I manage to pick them up and the weekend we spend it together doing different things or just relaxing. Before I went back to work we spent a lot of playing and engaging and I’m hoping to re-incorporate this routine shortly.

Lastly, I am not a professional writer, therefore I can’t present something so very error free, apologies in advance.

I hope you enjoy this blog…