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5 ways to makes eggs for your little ones

There are great things you can do with eggs I mean there is an example of one above. As we know they have great nutrition, loads of vitamin B12 and vitamin D, essential fatty acids some iron and mummy’s they have biotin which I’m sure is great for anti aging.


Always look for the Red Lion stamped on the eggs as they are a lot more safer to eat, especially if you are going to partially cook them.


5 ways to cook eggs

Scrambled eggs– perfect time to hide the yolk of they don’t like it.

Sunny side eggs– again great for toddlers as it requires effort in eating it.

Soft boiled eggs– soft boiled is perfect for eating with bread sticks

Hard boiled eggs– great for toddlers it’s and interesting way to eat them.

French toast – so this is basically beating the eggs and dipping bread into it and lightly frying it with some olive oil. It goes so well anything I tend to give it with some Nutella.

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